MTV’s Rebel Music interviews Natch

First when I met Ben Herson, the producer of Rebel Music, I wasn’t supposed to be in the show, the episode was done and they were ready to put it out. After the conversation we had, Ben asked me if I’m down for an interview for the new upcoming episode of Rebel Music. I was so eager to talk about the bright side of the story, the missing half that usually nobody talks about, about how Iranian artists are brave and they never stop creating art just because there are too many restrictions and too many rules to follow.

“Rebel Music urgently relays the stories of musicians and artists worldwide who are risking their lives to fight oppression and injustice with their creativity, audacity, and courage.

Through their stories and music, this vital six-part series shines light on their struggles and triumphs at the center of today’s global social upheaval, revealing the human dimension of some of the world’s most violent and misunderstood places.

After so many back and forth in the so little time we had we finished it up and here you go, you can watch the episode here.