New Album Coming Out in Februrary

Hey beautiful people!

We have some exciting news and we couldn’t hold it any longer; it’s been a quite while since we started a new journey; writing a new album!
Our last EP, It Takes Time taught me a lot and I believe it sounds the closest to TCP that I want to produce, so we continued that sonic journey to explore more. I have to admit that I am so proud of what has been achieved so far.

This album by far is my favorite one amongst all the music I’ve produced so far; Power of rock music, darkness and sexiness of electronic music and elegance of classical music were our tools to tell our story.
This is our story but undoubtedly you can find yourself in it somewhere.

Now we are just few months away from what we estimated for releasing the album. Me, Austin and Jordan are super excited to release this album with the world and start our U.S. tour. Thanks for all the support and love you send us, it’s truly what keeps us going in this crazy crazy world.
Stay tuned and connected.


Peace and love,
October 2nd, 2017

Here are some of our creation moments