Speech for Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office

I am so thrilled to be part of this amazing program, Unitarian Universalist spring seminar 2015. The UU UNO is a non-profit organization engaged in international advocacy work at the United Nations.  UU focuses on human rights outreach in various fields. As the topic of the year is International Criminal Justice, I was invited to give a speech in the 2nd panel “Can the victims of crime shape the world with their experiences?”.



This 2-day panel took place on Wednesday and Thursday 8th and 9th of April and discusseed who is a victim.  Who gets to seek justice?  What are the effects of justice denied? How long is too long for an individual or a community or a nation to wait  for an apology?  Asylum seekers, domestic abuse, human trafficking, refugees, LGBT victims of crime, and political prisoners to name a few.

Will speaking up bring light to abuses around the globe?

How do we combat modern day slavery?  What is human trafficking?

How do we protect the youngest in our societies?

What are the psychological and emotional  effects of abuse and torture?


The other speakers at the panel (who I was honored to sit next to) were;  Ms. Florrie Burke (Ms. Burke is a powerful voice and leading expert on combating modern slavery.) Ms. Malea  Otranto and Dr. Melba Sullivan. 

Thanks to Lisa Bredbenner from UU UNO and all the amazing people who organized this wonderful and informative seminar.