“The Dignity Thing” Conference/Roundtable Discussion

I’m honored to be invited to participate in this amazing event. The Dignity Thing is a semi-formal NYC conference / roundtable discussion organized by the Coalition for Artistic Dignity and The Hive NYC and presenting artists’ perspective on society and culture.

Topics:  Artistic power, social responsibility, and corporate identity.

When: September 24, 2016. 3 p.m.

Where: The Hive NYC Address: 20 Cook Street, Brooklyn (map).

Why: Most music industry events seem to preach the world views of suits and glasses. Almost no one one there is talking about the spirit which is utterly insane if you think about what music is.

You go to yet another conference, listen to a million useless speeches about the future of music industry, sit through informercials on how to kiss up to brands, talk in sound bites, and be deliciously unoriginal–and you want to either cry or vomit. When did music and art stop to be dangerous?

Panelists: Marc RibotNatch NadjafiDavid NewhoffJackie SummersKit KrashRyan HolidayMillicent Johnnie, Leonard Zelig, Robert Prichard, Megan Hayes, Yuli Yael Beeri Yula, Jason Yellen, Tessa Lena.

Mission: Problem: Mainstream American culture does not respect the spirit and treats art as “entertainment” and a source of distraction. We see the consequences of this paradigm every day even if we don’t always connect the dots.


Afterparty: The conference will be followed by a performance by Tessa Makes Love, Yuli Yael Beeri Yula, Melanie Willey, Jason Yellen.

The conference is free to attend (although if you want to donate toward The Hive NYC, your contribution will be put to good use). The suggested donation to see the performances is $15.